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Never started because, where to begin?
How to find write lyrics and add melodies?
Ableton Live seems complicated?
How to find inspiration?
Hit writer's block?
Stuck writing songs you don't think is worth finishing?

The Solution

An online video course with an approach that makes songwriting a more intuitive & smooth experience.

5+ Hours step by step videos
Lifetime Access
A cohesive learning experience
A Songwriting Checklist
Easy tehcniques for chords, melodies, lyrics and mixing in Ableton Live 11


Before 80€
Write Lyrics and easily find topics
use essential Music Theory
Record yourself in Ableton Live
Make melodies for your lyrics
Overcome Writer’s Block
and much more!

Johan Ransby Granberg

I´m a producer, songwriter, music-engineer, guitar player since 3 years old, and I love making music!

I have produced and mixed music in Ableton Live, over the last 15 years, so I know exactly what you need to learn to get the best head start.

Over the last decade, I’ve been teaching singers who are tired of always being dependent on producers to write and record themselves, so they can start to act upon their goals and dreams, with great success. This experience has led me to create this course, and I hope you will like it too!


In this video course, you will write, record, and finish a powerful song inside of Ableton Live with only two elements, a piano sound and your voice.

You'll be guided through everything you need to know, with detailed step-by-step videos, so you can focus on just doing without overcomplicating the process.

See below for an in-depth overview of the various parts of the course.

Part 1: Basic Chord Theory (9 videos)
Learn to create Major, Minor, and Diminished chords in the Ransby midi roll, an Ableton clone that validates your chords for a smooth experience.

Part 2: Writing Chord Progressions (9 videos)
Learn to write your own exciting chord progressions and uncover the magic of color notes that infuse life into your chords

Part 3: Navigating Ableton Live (9 videos)
Delve into the core of Ableton Live! Familiarize yourself with its layout, navigation tips, and settings to jumpstart your songwriting journey.

Part 4: Chord Progressions In Ableton (9 videos)
Continue creating chord progressions, but now in Ableton Live instead of the Ransby Piano Roll.

Part 5: Chord Progression Combinations (5 videos)
Your song is going to consist of two different chord progressions, in this part you will choose which

Part 6: Making The Form (6 videos)
Select your preferred chord progression combination and master the art of song structuring to bring your composition to life.

Part 7: Lyrics Introduction (3 videos)
Dive into the world of lyrical creativity! With prompts and expert tips, embark on a journey to express your self and steer clear of creativity roadblocks.

Part 8: Lyrics Examples (3 videos)
I show you how I go about writing for each prompt to give you a bit of inspiration, and maybe some aha moments

Part 9: Distilling Your Lyrics (6 videos)
In this section, we'll hone in on the most compelling lyrics we've penned and mold them into verses and a chorus.

Part 10: Verse Melody (12 videos)
The initial strategy for crafting melodies involves improvisation. I'll provide numerous suggestions on how to excel in this or enhance your skills.

Part 11: 2nd Verse (3 videos)
Here's a straightforward method to adapt your subsequent verses to match the melody of the first.

Part 12: Note By Note Chorus (3 videos)
Learn my bulletproof technique for writing exciting melodies note-by-note, regardless of inspiration or chord complexity.

Part 13: The Grand Finale (13 videos)
Apply the final touches to your song! From vocal dubs and exciting effects to the concluding export, witness your song materialize. To wrap up, experience the tune I've composed alongside you!


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Q: What do I need to attend the course?
A: A computer, an interface, and a microphone for vocals (if you don't already own a setup, then check out my recommendations), and an Ableton Live 11 License (Lite, Intro, Standard, or Suite)!

Q: Where can I get an Ableton License
A: If you haven't yet activated the Ableton Live trial, you can use it for free for the first 30 days. Additionally, when you purchase an interface or other music equipment and software, a license for Ableton Live Lite is often included. If not, you can either find a second-hand license on Knocloud or buy a new one directly from

Q: Do I need to know how to play piano to attend?
A: Not at all, you're not gonna be playing any piano, in this course you're learning how to write MIDI chords instead, a skill everyone can learn - But it's always good to know how to play the piano.
Q: Are there any 1-1 lessons included?
A: To keep the cost down, there are no one-on-one lessons, but I will gladly answer all of your questions and even create more in-depth videos to help you succeed. :) If you want one-on-one coaching, then check out my Artist Coaching service.

Q: Is this a good course if I already know a bit about Ableton Live?
A: If you haven't written and finished a lot of songs or feel stuck after a break, then this course will help you a lot with a lot of healthy methods and techniques that you can use for the rest of your career!

Louis Bilici

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Johan Granberg to teach all skill levels of musicianship.

In my case I struggled with finishing songs and I didn`t know why - Johan helped me at the level I was at and taught me methods to stay in touch with my own songs, and keep my vocal performances attentive and personal - that also resulted in me enjoying the recording process much more."

Nora Dalum

Before working with Johan, I often felt that there was this gap of knowledge that I needed to fill, before I could finish my songs.

With help from Ransby, I produced my first album and wrote 5 new songs - but more importantly, I learned that I actually do have a valid opinion about even the release time of the compressor

Nana Rashid

Johan has helped me in so many incredible ways as a coach, creative mentor, and as a producer for my debut album.

Johan has been an important person in every aspect of daring to create the music that I am so passionate about.
He has pushed me to keep going when I´ve hesitated, twisted and turned, and made excuses to give up.

Johan is my first recommendation!