• Avoid being overwhelmed by features you don't need
  • Learn how to go from idea to recorded song without any frustrations
  • Avoid letting your instrument skills hold you back
  • Write & record more songs and become a better songwriter
  • Learn new & easy techniques for writing melodies and chords progressions in Ableton Live
  • Stop relying on others to make your music
For beginners and experienced songwriters
15+ years of experince using Ableton Live for songwriting into one course
Learn Ableton + Easy Songwriting Techniques

Beginners Gear Guide

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For you?

Songwriter who want to record your songs as easily as possible - Yes!
Bad at playing instruments and singing at the same time - YES
New to songwriting and wanna learn to write songs more easily - Yes
Want to be able to record vocals on your own - Yes
New to music on computers and wanna take it slow and easy - Yes
Want a better understanding of your producer and audio engineer, so you can collaborate more effortlessly - YES

Not for you

Wanna learn to make beats for other singers
Only wanna make instrumental music
Want to learn a lot of advanced production tricks
You aim for success overnight
You have no intentions of singing


Learn Ableton Live through writing and recording a piano and vocal song. And no you don't need to be able to play any instruments, it's all in Ableton.

Instead of learning everything at once, you will follow my songwriting approach which will take you from scratch to a finished song, showing you everything you need to know in Ableton Live + teach you new songwriting tricks and how to avoid writer's block.

It will be fun, you will learn by doing, and you will end up with your FIRST finished song in Ableton, and yes you can repeat the process, as many times you like with new and exciting songs each time!

  • Learn to use Ableton Live
  • Learn new songwriting tools in Ableton Live
  • Write and finish a song, following a checklist
  • Learn techniques to overcome writer's block


  • Become confident with all the essential Ableton Live tools

  • 5+ hours of step-by-step video, divided into 80+ lessons, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

  • New and easy songwriting techniques for Ableton Live

  • Learn to go from idea to recorded song in no time

  • Become a better songwriter by writing & recording more songs

  • Learn how to make beautiful chord progressions

  • Become an independent artist, without relying on others

  • Learn my songwriting approach that gets rid of writers block



  • Learn how to write minor, major and diminished chords
  • Learn to make beautiful inversions and how to easily add a top note that adds color and charector to your chords!
  • Learn how to turn your chords into chord progressions
  • Learn how to enter the chords in the piano roll, by using my custom piano roll that looks and behaves just like the Ableton one, but with built in validation tools, so you can learn in a safe envoirment knowing that you're doing everything correct!

NAVIGATE Ableton Live

  • Install the piano plugin
  • Learn how to find your way around Ableton Live
  • Learn the difference between an audio and midi track
  • Learn what all the important buttons and knobs do
  • Learn to use the metronome
  • Send & Return tracks(Reverb & Delay)
  • About the two different interfaces(Arrangment/Session view)
  • Learn where to find the Browser, Piano roll, where to add plugins

MIDI IN Ableton Live

  • Load your previusly made chord progressions from the Ransby Pianoroll
  • Write chord progressions in the Ableton Live Piano Roll
  • Learn shortcuts to make you work faster


  • Learn to take your song from Session to Arrangment view
  • Turn your chord progressions into a form


  • Use my 5 min approach writing as much as possible, to bypass the judge and get access to your inspiration
  • Try my online lyric editor with built in timer, word counter, and functions for finding adjectives, similars words and rhymes


  • Learn how to setup Ableton Live to record your vocal
  • Learn to create an audio track and how to use it for recording your vocal
  • Learn my note-by-note melody approach that will help you to make inspirering melodies even when you don't feel inspired at all
  • Ideas for how to become better at improvising melodies


  • Add breaks
  • Dub your vocals
  • Add vocal octaves
  • Learn about clip level to level your vocal
  • Learn to use and add a Limiter on your master buss to make your song come through


  • Select the start and the end of your song
  • Export your song


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Q: What do I need to attend the course?
A: A computer, an interface, and a microphone for vocals (if you don't already own a setup, then check out my recommendations), and an Ableton Live 11 or 12 License (Lite, Intro, Standard, or Suite)!
Q: Where can I get an Ableton License
A: If you haven't yet activated the Ableton Live trial, you can use it for FREE for the first 30 days. Additionally, when you purchase an interface or other music equipment and software, a license for Ableton Live Lite is often included. If not, you can either find a second-hand license on Knocloud or buy a new one directly from
Q: Do I need to know how to play piano to attend?
A: When you buy First you get a discount for your first 1:1 lesson, so you only pay 40€
Q: Is this a good course if I already know a bit about Ableton Live?
A: If you haven't written and finished a lot of songs or feel stuck after a break, then this course will help you a lot with a lot of healthy methods and techniques that you can use for the rest of your career!
Q: What If I can’t sing?
A: I think the best way to learn to sing is by doing it, and what is more motivating than writing your own songs? There are also some techniques to make your vocal sound better even if you’re a beginner
Q: What if I’ve never written a song before?
A: First is an Ableton Live course with a recipe for songwriting which is both good for beginners and experienced, so First is an excellent course for you
Q: Is Ableton worth it for beginners?
A: Indeed it is, and it is what I recommend beginners to use! It might seem a bit challenging to begin with because there are two different user interfaces, especially for users that come from other software/DAWs. But First makes it easy to use and understand. For everybody.
Q: What is Ableton Live
A: Ableton Live is a piece of software you use to write and record music, also called a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Ableton Live is different from other DAWs because it focuses more on creation, performance and interaction.
Q: Can I learn Ableton myself?
A: Yes you can of course learn Ableton Live on your own, and I recommend you to do just as I show in the course - make a song from scratch and continue until it’s finished, then you will be exposed to everything you need to learn and get a reward in the shape of your first recorded song, which is an amazing feeling!
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