Artist Coach | Ransby

Because it’s easier to be amazing when you get help!

I think motivation is the most underrated topic in the music industry! It’s how big record companies help develop new successful artists, by motivating them into believing that they can succeed.

And it's the reason why so many never get anywhere with their music!

Let me help you get motivated to be the best you can be!
I will inspire you to explore and create, have fun, and to focus on your inner voice, instead of your doubt.

I will push you to reach even further and explore your musical limits to create your own unique identity!

And when everything feels hopeless and impossible, I will help you with guidance and tools to find the strength to do simple exercises that will make you feel how amazing it feels to make music, and within no time get you back on track, motivated to conquer the universe!
1:1 video call via Zoom
Effortlessly book your session with no upfront payment:
Simply fill out the form or contact me on Instagram. Only once we've scheduled a convenient time, you'll receive an invoice, ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience from start to finish



I've been coaching and teaching amateurs, professionals and everything in between for over two decades now, and no problem is too small, big or unimportant.

I started my musical journey as a three year old guitarplayer and have since then had many different parts in music as, hired gun, songwriter, piano player, singer, recording engineer, commercial studio ovner, producer, jazz guitarist, filmcomposer bandcoach, mentor, youtuber and more!

So I'm sure that I can relate to your situation in someway to help you accomplish you goals

Helping people with their music gives me a genuine satisfaction I wouldn't like to be without- it also helps me with understanding my own struggles and how to move on.
So if there’s anything on your mind you would like help with then don’t hold back - I hope to hear from you! :-)