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Join my weekly group Sessions and get

  • Motivation to build a successful career in music
  • Inspiration to create exciting and powerful music
  • A finished song with new tricks and tools
  • Strategies for developing healthy habits that will make you a super creator

5-Hours Online sessions Via ZOOM ✶ 1:1 Help ✶ A group with up to 11 fellow artist ✶ help to write and finish a song ✶ Get in touch with your creaitivty & inspiration ✶ Help to build a strong artistic profile ✶ Help to build your confidence ✶ Concrete evidence that you can achieve your dreams ✶ Help to avoid procrastination ✶ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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5-hours of quality time.
that will motivate you to reach your goals.

What do musical geniuses like Billie Eilish, Damon Albarn, Pharrel Williams, Adele, Thom Yorke, Taylor Swift, and many others have in common? They know the value of finishing their songs – and they all understand that getting help is the key to reaching their full potential!

If you want to create music that connects with thousands of listeners, gets on top of playlists, and sells out venues, it takes more than just talent – it takes dedication, time, and a lot of motivation.

At Creator Sessions, I can help you develop the skills and tools you need to finish your songs and reach your full potential as an artist. With my guidance and support, you'll learn the techniques used by the greats and gain the confidence to bring your own unique style to life.

Finished songs are more than just a milestone – they're the foundation of every successful music career. When you finish a song, you gain:

Motivation to keep writing and working harder towards your goals
Inspiration to learn new tricks and techniques that will take your music to the next level
Acknow­ledgment from your peers and the world, as you finally have something to share and showcase
Self-confidence to be brave and authentic in your art, knowing that you have what it takes to succeed
Insight into how much each and every finished song matters – not just for your career, but for your personal growth as well.
  • 5-hour online session via Zoom
  • Up to 11 fellow artists participating on the same journey as you
  • My help whenever you need it
  • Hands-on - you will get help to write and finish a song
  • An introduction with a writing prompt for lyrics, chords, and melodies
  • A to-do list that tells you how to work

Join me at Creator Sessions and unlock the power of finishing your songs. You'll gain the skills, knowledge, and support to take your music to new heights and achieve the success you deserve.

One step closer to a reality as a successful artist
5 hours full of motivation and inspiration
1:1 Help if you get stuck
Up to 11 fellow artists
Everything you need to move on to your next step

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Did you know that finishing songs is not about how good you are at singing, playing instruments, theory, writing lyrics, or production.

It’s about practicing letting go of control and accepting that it just doesn't feel comfortable until you’re done.

But finishing a lot of songs will make you better at singing, playing instruments, writing lyrics, and production :)