Why Art Is Important

Why music and art is so extremely important, why you’re important, how we can change and inspire the world and our friends to take action, explore and play more

What is art, baby don’t hurt me - don’t hurt me, no more!

Art is this thing that we know we shouldn’t understand, art is important, art is everything and nothing ….

My definition of art is “human curiosity” - And it kind of fits well with the most know definitions of that art should:

Curiosity is questioning what we know, playing, loving, listening, developing our understanding, understanding what we don’t know yet - and in that search figuring out even more of what we don’t know, which is why it often feels frustrating.

True curiosity makes mankind look foolish, cause we have built a life out of comfort while also going to war and killing each other in the attempt of making peace. We do so many things that don’t make the smallest sense, though we are the most intelligent race on this planet. War, killing, punishment, competing, judging, hold grudges, treating each other badly, keeping each other down, fighting, lying, disrespecting other people's lives, focus on making money instead of living exciting and meaningful lives.

I’m not a Christian or religious in any way, but imagine that we never used violence to solve conflicts, gave all our best to our surroundings, thought the best of our neighbor and gave to those who needed it. Imagine, it would be paradise, no struggles, no crime, just love. What is holding you back, from true happiness?

We know that we’re capable of everything and still we make up boundaries for what we think is reasonable to accept. Does art move boundaries? I think so, cause it reminds us of that we can think for ourselves, and when we do we often realize that maybe we should reorganize for the better.

Art is helping us to feel passion, excitement, and inspiration - it makes us wonder and ask questions, get outside our comfort zone, and become curious - why am I here, what is my purpose, what makes me happy, why do I have a shitty job, who do I like to be around and so on

Questions that sometimes hurts, or simply make too many waves to handle, but also hope, and feelings of desire and motivation. It makes us wanna love, laugh and take care of each other!

So making art aka. music is a way to push boundaries, adding meaning, purpose, and hope to a sometimes static, repetitive, or mindless life. Giving fuel to thoughts, inspiration, and more curiosity and love.

But how to make art and not just muzak (curiosity-free music)?

If you want help to explore outside your comfort zone and do it with others and with me to support you, then go and check out my Creator Sessions for songwriters and artists - 5 hours of curiosity, self- and world care

In the end, all we want is to love and be loved - so let’s show each other our true colors <3
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