Inspiration On-Demand

Get inspired on demand, to write your best songs!

The way to write your best songs is by learning to tap into your inspiration on demand, so you can write tons of inspired songs!

How do you get to feel inspired, find inspiration and get exciting ideas on-demand?

The key element is to understand the two concepts: “Inspiration”, and “Creativity”. Understanding these two elements will take away most of your frustrations and turn you into a resourceful songwriter/creator/creative artist

Inspiration comes to us when we have a problem to solve! Inspiration is the ideas we get for how to solve the problem. Then we get creative, we try to create the solution. But our ideas/solutions rarely turn out the way we thought and result in even more questions aka. problems aka. MORE INSPIRATION - so inspiration and creativity are a self-igniting machine when it gets up and running, and all we need is a problem to get it started.

So feeling out of inspiration, having writer's block, or a creative drought is most often because we want to create an amazing solution, but without a problem to solve, and that is very difficult!

What kind of problems am I talking about?

Problems can be a question you don’t know the answer to, something that makes you wonder, something you want to understand, something that makes you explore and learn, or a limitation.

Examples of problems could be, “how to sing a song about the ocean(LINK)”, or “how to make a rhythm that makes me wanna dance”, “how to make a song that makes me happy(Pharrell)”. It can also be “what would it sound like if I only use my voice?” “how would it sound if I use all the presets I hate?”, “can I write a song within 1 hour?”.

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Why do problems make good songs?

The first part is that it inspires you to actually work and make music. The second part and maybe the most important. A problem is a new situation that begs for an action you haven’t done before, which requires you to be present, cause you can’t just do what you normally do on autopilot.

And your audience loves you when you’re you, when you’re excited, and to be excited you need to get out of your comfort zone, cause you can't be excited and comfortable at the same time.

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